What’s my Art about:

The Power of Vulnerability

My work is fragile and powerful at the same time. It is about strength in vulnerability. Two simultaneous qualities: multiple perspectives; often even literally in my work.

What I am looking for, is my art touching people. As a result, I hope, they’ll start looking (differently) at their surroundings, ideas, themselves. (Going to) live their lives from a different perspective, giving them a choice.

This is special for me, because I – literally – do not see any perspective, nor do I have any judgments at all, which is a lack (or benefit) of perspective as well. This way of looking, vulnerable and powerful at the same time, gives me a freedom that I want to share with others. And from where I make my art.

A painting only lives by the person who looks at it and connects it to it.

I paint sumi-e, meditatieve old-Japanese ink-painting. My sumi-e master is Beppe Mokuza, and since this way of painting tranferres from teacher to student, he teaches me to teach in this line. I am graduated to teach now.

You can do workshops or (individual) lessons with me. See page Sumi-e.

Besides sumi-e painting, I use in my artwork traditional materials and techniques: Because the colors, contrasts, texture become deeper. This is much better for the environment. Also, the works of art will remain in a good shape for much longer than when I had used modern (oil, acrylic) paint.

It is also a conscious, mindful way of working, building a work of art from pure linen, a piece of old wood, with pigments, oil, eggs or drawing with a piece of compressed earth. Or building a stained-glass artwork from glass and lead.

Marjanne Geurtsen, Marj

email: marj@marj.biz