Next Workshop

Painting like the old masters / making Gesso and glue paint

LOCATION:    Amsterdam-West

DURATION:      4.5 hour

PRICE:            € 75

WHEN:  Sunday 20 Januar 2019, 12:15 to 17:00


preparing a panel with glue and preparing a panel with glue and gesso.

making glue-paint and painting a grisaille with glue-paint and pigments on a panel.

so you will get 3 panels this afternoon, plus recepies how to make the above.

Sign on with me: preferably by email

I’m looking forward to the workshop, meeting fellow enthusiasts.


Painting like the old masters / Tempera Grassa

Marjanne Geurtsen – Sunday 25 November

LOCATION:    Amsterdam-West

DURATION:      4.5 hour

PRICE:            € 70

WHEN:  Sunday 25 November, 12:30 to 17:00


Painting like the old masters did.

Make your own Tempera Grassa paint and use it to paint on a panel.


12.15 – 12.30 registration with tea and coffee

12.30 – 16.30 theory, make paint and paint

16.30 – 17.00 clean the materials and discuss the results


Painting like the old masters…

  • Better for the environment: no plastics, solvents or other non-perishable fillers
  • It’s healthier for you
  • The pigments (colours) are more concentrated and therefor more intense
  • The paintings will last for centuries


Because it’s important to me to make people acquainted with these techniques, I did two workshops in September 2018 during the “Ambacht in Beeld” festival.

At the request of the workshop attendees, I’m planning a follow-up of the workshop.

The new workshop is interesting for people with and without experience. It’s possible to join the workshop from the age of 10.


We start with a short explanation of the paint, the use of the paint and the other materials to be used, like brushes. Next, we’ll grind the pigments and create the binder. From this you’ll create your own paint, using one of the recipes for Tempera Grassa (Tempera paint with some oil). You’ll use a wooden panel, which I have already prepared with artisanal glue and gesso. You can also choose to work on watercolour paper.

I will explain about the background drawing or paint and grisaille.

Next, you’ll start your own painting. You can bring along an example drawing or photo, but you don’t have to.

My assistant and me will be around to answer your questions and give suggestions. You can experience yourself how it is to work with this type of paint. What is possible, what isn’t? And especially: how does this paint help you to express yourself.

On the above pictures you can see what the different techniques and binders make possible.

Cleaning the instruments will also get attention.

Finally, we’ll discuss each other’s results. You’ll take yout own panel home along with the paint recipes.


After art school and post-graduate art school in Arnhem and London, I was also training as a stained-glass craftsman and as a master painter in the artisanal painting methods.

I create frescos, paintings using tempera, watercolour, glue-paint, wax paint and oil paint (like Rembrandt). Also stained-glass and fire paintings.

I did a solo exposition in “Galerie Beeldend Gesproken” from Sept. 25 to Oct 10 and you can still buy my art there. My work is also on display in a number of museums. I’m also present at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on October 28 and 29, 2018.

Museum Orientalis in Nijmegen has a  permanent large fresco on which I worked with a team.


Sign on with me: preferably by email

I’m looking forward to the workshop, meeting fellow enthusiasts.


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